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How to use entertainment to bring your event to life!!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Have you played Music Bingo??

No? That's ok! Dropping your favourite beats not balls....

Musical Bingo is the perfect entertainment solution for your venue or event!

The hours of music-filled fun will have everyone bopping along the whole time.

This entertainment is an absolute hit for any event purpose!!

One way to make an impact at your event or party is the theme choice and music category. There were some incredible playlists from the 50s and 60's to current hits and movie soundtracks to the songs of summer, hits of Aussie and a disco or dance playlist theme to choose from.

Add some decorations and best dressed prizes to match your demographics and you will have an unforgettable event that your guests will be talking about well after the function is over!

If you need help with designing, executing or just the entertainment. We can carry out as much or as little of the coordination that works for your venue or celebration.

Captivate your audience with a fun filled themed music bingo event to create the perfect celebration.

There are 3 options so you can choose the method which is suitable for your party or venue:

D.I.Y, Hosted or Online.

The D.I.Y self hosted option includes 3 rounds of bingo cards printed & delivered, access to the online playlists with a huge range of music category choices. You would only need a computer, speakers and someone to call them out "your host".

Your host can watch our video tutorial to learn how to run the Musical Bingo event.

Hosted musical bingo includes an experienced, professional host that will run the event plus we supply everything you need to play, all you and your guests have to do is listen and enjoy the songs and mark it off on your card. It's that easy.

Then online could be for a party where not all your guests can attend in person. Virtual music bingo events can be attended from anywhere in the world on zoom and they can either print the bingo cards or download the finger draw app on your smart phone which you can then just import the bingo jpeg card and circle each song name when it gets played.

It can be a fun way to celebrate your birthday with all your guests!

Having a unique way of entertaining your guests will make it one to remember!

All the above delivery methods can include assistance with theme ideas or coordinating your event.

Guaranteed to please the tastes of your audience, this entertainment solution has so much potential to host some amazing and memorable events for individuals or businesses ready to host an engaging event or fundraisers which we would love to be involved with.

Check out the list of locations, with over 70 Hit That Hit venues around Australia,

there is a bound be one near you.

Let us manage the themed music bingo event and ensure the event runs smoothly.

Get in touch today so we can bring you some fun entertainment!


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