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What to expect in your FREE Consultation Call!

Have you got a celebration coming up in that you just don't have the time to plan?

Kickstart Management offers a FREE 30 minute consultation call to ensure we can carry out your vision!

In our call, we will discuss your ideas for your next event. We'll ascertain where you're at and what you need assistant with, and how Kickstart Management can be a part of that.

Below are a few ideas on what you should have in mind to assist with getting the most out of this FREE service.


Write down questions you want to ask about our services, pricing and/or packages.

Review our website and list of services offered.


I know this is a hard one to figure out as you don't know what the venue, catering, decorations or entertainment etc, is going to cost. But just an idea on what you are willing to spend on planning, styling and coordination services will help.

This number is so important as I break it into sections to ensure that every single dollar is giving you the celebration of your dreams.


Now, you don't need to be scared off with this word "THEMED" as your event can be as in theme as you would like. Say you are turning 50, you may choose to have just the standard 50th decorations in your favourite colour and guests don't dress up or if you want the whole "she bang", we pick a venue, entertainment and decorations to suit the style of your theme.


This is not a MUST as you may have no idea where or what you'd like to do for your event and THIS IS OK, as we offer a package called Ideas to Inspire which includes theme and décor ideas, venue and catering choices, colours schemes, and entertainment options. But if you have a dream you would like us to make a reality you can share your vision with us.

Booking Form

Once you have scheduled your FREE consultation call, we will send you a booking form to gather any details you may have to discuss. This will help with supplying you with a quote. We only take one event per date, so booking early is recommended.

Towards the end, we will summarise what we have discussed and send you a quote. There is no obligation after our initial consultation to book our services BUT if you are ready, let’s talk about how I can Kickstart your next event!

Book a free consultation call NOW or click here to explore my service packages. We would love to be part of bringing your vision to life! Follow us on social media to see tips, ideas and images of other events., if you want help on where to start.

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