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3 tips to keep in mind when planning your event!

So you have an event in 2022 which are you planning?

I could give you the common tips like it's never to early to start, set a realistic budget and being organisation is the most important!

But it's the ability to pay attention to details that you may not think to consider that I'll run you through.

Below are a few tips to pull off a successful event.


Always have a back up plan! You don't want your event to be ruined because of the weather and being that it's so unpredictable be prepared. It could be seeing one minute and raining the next!

Think about:

✔️ Where the function will take place if it's windy or raining?

✔️ Will your guests be undercover?

✔️ Do you need umbrellas for shade or rain cover?

✔️ Is water easy accessible on those HOT days?

✔️ Is the ground safe to walk on, especially if person are wearing heels.

✔️ Will the hired equipment be safe and protected?

Keep the suppliers up to date with possible changes or ask them for advice when it comes to their products and services.


Depending on the month, season, venue and age of guests to whether 'time' will effort the running of your event but it's definitely something to think about so you don't get caught out.

Think about:

✔️ Event start time.

✔️ Time you write on invites compared to the time you start the event proceedings.

✔️ Late arrivals.

✔️ Sunset timing (makes a gorgeous backdrop).

✔️ Time it gets dark.

✔️ Discuss settings with photographer.

It's a great idea to have a run sheet with the time on when your activities will be happening but this may need to be altered whilst the event is action.


Depending on what time of year and where your event is being held, plus following the above two tips 👆🏼will help with considering what decorations will need to be in place and what will be available.

Think about:

✔️ What season will it be?

✔️ Will the decorations fly away in the wind?

✔️ Everything that is set up will need to be packed down.

✔️ Plenty of lighting for a night time event.

✔️ Ensure decorations are attached properly and visible for safety.

✔️ You can get quite creative and have some fun!

Planning an event can be extremely fun and rewarding seeing your hard work pay off

and come to life. If you have to pay attention and consider each of the above details everything will go well.

Would you like further tips, ideas and inspiration to assist with hosting your next event?

We would love to share our expertise, follow our Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram page!

Or if you need ideas or assistance with styling or coordination for your event, schedule a chat with me today!

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