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What theme should I do for my party? 5 fun party themes dress up ideas

A theme for your party can be a great way to bring your celebration to life!

Whatever the occasion be: a birthday party, engagement party or hens party we can make your dreams a reality for your themed event.

One of the hardest parts about planning a themed celebration, is coming up with the perfect theme.

Choosing a themed event will let your guests get excited about your celebration even before the party!

Below are a few costume dress up ideas. Let's start with:

1. pirate Party

Pirate themed event dress up costumes

Arrr, me Hearties! To dress like a pirate, wear a loose, poofy white shirt with a pair of tight black leather pants or leggings.

A vintage vest with a pirate hat and sword as accessories. Add some black boots and your costume is perfect for your next fancy dress pirate costume party!

2. 1920’s The Great Gatsby!

If you’re dressing up for a themed decades party have everyone come dressed up to the nines in flapper-inspired frocks with sequinned fringed outfits, dropped waist dresses or tassel dresses for the women and suits with a top hat and suspenders for the blokes.

These all fit perfectly into this fun adult 1920's party theme.

3. Superheros

Lady and man dressed up in superhero themed costumes

Super heros can be as simple or in costume as you wish it to be. A cape and eye mask will represent a superhero or get further into the dress up theme with a metallic full bodysuit and head piece. This is one the whole family will love!!

(If the kids are invited)

4. The 1970’s style disco Fever!

Hot pants, bell bottoms and jumpsuits for the outfit, toss in some shiny metallic details and use bright rainbow colours to create a groovy retro disco vibe.

And don’t forget the mirrored disco ball and flashing lights to round out this party theme!

5. Hawaiian style party!

Two ladies in Hawaiian themed style outfits taking selfie photo

Ideas to wear for a Hawaiian style party- Hawaiian printed shirts are the easiest choices. If the weather is warm, you could put on a bikini top and grass skirt bottoms. Floral printed sun dress or a halter dress with flowers in your hair and a lei around your neck.  Don't forget the flower crowns!

Do you need more costumes dress up inspiration? There are huge range of costumes at Madame Butterfly Costume Hire & Sale Shop has a range of genres and costumes from all the ages. There is even a piece of PIZZA suit to hire!! 😂😂

Located in Mullumbimby Northern NSW Australia, find out more about who Madame Butterfly is in this below interview with Linda Meades, a local resident of Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia of My Mullum Moments.

Not every celebration has a theme, the ones that do will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Whiz Bang Events can plan all types of party themes to give you an idea of the expertise we can apply to your party check out our Instagram or Facebook for further tips, and behind the scene footage of themed events we have held in the past.

If you need help with planning your next party, get in touch by booking a free consultation call.

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