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5 Tips for Organising your work Christmas Party

It’s already that time of year! 😮😮

Locking in a date, venue and entertainment plus organising the catering, invites and decorations for your work Christmas gathering.

Here are a couple of tips to consider for your party planning.

1. Choose a date, this will be the hardest part especially as you won't be able to please everyone. My tip for selecting the date is to check the work holiday calendar first and not leaving it too close to Christmas.

2. Considering your guest numbers, research a couple of venues or decide where you will host your function. Check the venues capacity restrictions before committing.

3. Choose a theme- Now I know themed events aren't for everyone but it can be as “In theme” as your business would like to make it.

It really helps with decorations, styling and designing the invites, which can now be sent out as you want everyone to save the date.

4. Lock in catering and entertainment. Consider dietary requirements and the style of your event. If it's a mainly a stand up event, canapé platter are the way to go.

Look at what venues already have entertainment as this can help with budgeting.

5. Considering the time of the function you may need transport and if it's be hosted privately you will need drinks and maybe furniture or party ware like glasses, plates etc. You may need waiters, waitresses or bar staff so everyone can just relax, enjoy and have a good time.

Now that you've got all this information it's time to start planning and to get organised!

If you plan to have an in person event and the function doesn't go to schedule please consider postponing not cancelling so the event can go ahead at another time so all the suppliers don't lose your business.


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