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Hi again... It's Karen Beaumont,,,

With a new business name, new look, new feel but same fabulous event party planner....

Say goodbye to Kickstart Management and say HELLO to Whiz Bang Events. 🎉🎉

Offering a personalised event planning experience.. I'm back to explore a new business opportunity!

Whiz Bang Events new business logo with party popper favicon

With a fabulous new business name, logo, favicon and bright fun font colours and soon to be available exclusive themed packages. I'm back to create those one of a kind event experiences for your next party or celebration!

Vision Statement

I know how busy life can be...In the whirlwind of everyday life, I understand the juggling act – between caring for my own family, managing household responsibilities, and simply navigating life's demands.

So when the moment arrives to plan your milestone birthday, engagement party, or baby shower, I'm here to ease the load.

My goal is to simplify the planning process, providing you with the opportunity to either orchestrate your celebration effortlessly or entrust the details to me, alleviating your stress. 🥳

I'm literally making my event planning services and exclusive packages with you in mind! Whether you find it challenging to carve out time for your own festivities or wish to surprise a loved one, I've curated and designed my event planning services to fulfil with your needs! Let's turn your celebrations into unforgettable moments, while you enjoy a seamless and stress-free planning experience!"

Smiling owner of event planning company
Karen Beaumont - Whiz Bang Events Party Planner

At Whiz Bang Events, our goal is to redefine the event planning experience, making it effortlessly simple and stress-free for you. We understand that every celebration is unique, so we've curated a selection of options for all aspects of party planning – from venues and caterers to suppliers and photographers. Your choices are tailored to both your budget and your vision.

Consider us your ultimate party maestro, orchestrating a symphony of options to create an event that resonates with your style. We're here to guide you through the process, ensuring that planning your celebration is not just an item on your to-do list but a joyous and memorable experience. Let's bring your vision to life, one choice at a time!


We're not just about organising events; we're about bringing your unique vision to life with minimal effort for you.

From milestone birthdays to unforgettable anniversaries, we can tailor every detail to reflect your style.

Offering a range of stunning options to suit every taste and need, from simple consultations to tailored event management packages.

If this is YOU, which I think it is, then know you will be 100% supported through the event planning process, you can relax as we help you plan the perfect event, transforming your dreams into a breathtaking reality.

Reach out and let's make some magic!


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